About Company

About company

REGIS Sp. z o.o. (REGIS Ltd.), an owner of the Vetfood brand, is a company involved in the food industry for over 20 years, which is in the possession of two modern, fully-equipped production plants in Bochnia and Tarnów.

In the company’s portfolio there are both B2B (SMAKOVITA, TASTE-PRO), and B2C (ACTIVLAB, VETFOOD) brands. The main operational idea of the company is a product  innovation achieved thanks modern technologies and a cooperation with Polish and international scientific centres. Today REGIS takes a leading position in manufacturing of functional blends and flavouring preparations for the meat industry. The REGIS company successfully introduced into the market, manufactured in its production plants, nutrients and supplements for active and sports people, as well as for pets.

Products of the REGIS company, and its technologies, are used successfully around Europe. A proof of the quality of organisational and production processes is not only more than 22 years of experience in the food technology industry, but above all a great number of satisfied customers and awarded certificates and prizes.

From 2004-2006, the Newspaper "Puls Biznesu" honored Regis with the prestigious title of "Ghazal Business" for being the most dynamic and innovative company in Europe. REGIS has been certified by the BRC Global Standards providing third party assurance that Regis meets the global standards for safety and quality in over 100 countries.

Philosophy of operation

Pursuing to provide a reliable and professional customer service, and an exact recognition of customers’ needs, a help in solving any kind of problems, and delivering  professional solutions within the scope of widely understood food technologies and nutrition – these are the assumptions of the everyday work of each employee in the REGIS company. 

REGIS means people for whom work is their passion! A company is willing to share its new ideas and achievements with its customers. It is always open to new possibilities, in accordance with contemporary market trends.

Every year a company introduces to its offer more than 100 new products, most of which have been manufactured in close cooperation with its customers. Others have been implemented thanks to the innovative ideas of its R&D and Sales Departments. 

The success of innovative products lies in the skilful combination of natural ingredients and professional recipes with the requirements of contemporary industrial technology. REGIS pays special attention to  perfecting the taste qualities of its product lines.  

Company vision

  • strive to make REGIS company brands be chosen preferably by customers,
  • strive to make REGIS a preferred business partner,
  • strive to make REGIS a preferred employer.

Vetfood brand

The Vetfood brand was created in 2008 from passion and love to animals. A fully committed Vetfood team has cooperated with Veterinarians , Trainers and scientists in Poland and all over the world for almost 10 years. A continuous concern about a Vetfood product quality and a satisfaction of Veterinarians and pet owners still drives us. We constantly work on innovative recipes and test new preparations. We want to make our product range to fulfil your expectations and the highest quality standards.

It is worth considering: with our preparations You do care about a health and condition of your patients and those entrusted to care!