A constant concern for a quality of our products and a satisfaction of Veterinarians, Trainers and pet owners still drive us. We constantly work on innovative recipes and test new preparations. We want our product range to meet Your requirements and the highest quality standards. 

Vetfood is a Polish innovative brand of products for animals.
Currently, in our offer we 3 programs: 

Vetfood Professional

Vetfood Professional is a unique line of preparations for pet animals which is based on the highly digestible hydrolysed proteins of animal origin, developed by scientists and veterinary experts.

Preparations of the Vetfood Professional brand, depending on applications, contain hypoallergenic hydrolysed chicken proteins, fat and functional ingredients. 


BARFeed is a line of carefully of selected natural supplements.These supplements contain active substances with proven health benefits.
They are processed in a minimum way to maintain the characteristics, activity and maximum concentration of biologically active compounds contained in them. In addition, due to their high quality, they are included in “human grade” supplements.
All fruits, vegetables and herbs contained in them come from controlled farms and ecological/organic crops. Supplements do not contain added preservatives, artificial colors, flavor enhancers and GM ingredients. A leak-proof inductive packaging guarantees product safety and preserves good tastiness. BARFeed products are dedicated to owners of BARF diets as well as all the natural nutrition supporters.

Vetfarmlab Equine

Vetfarmlab  Equine is a line of unique product for horses developed in cooperation with pharmacists, biotechnologists, chemists and nutritionists. The original Polish recipes rich in vitamins and macronutrients, are developed on the basis of the highest quality ingredients. Vetfarmlab Equine preparations create new possibilities for Your horses, enabling them to achieve an optimal form and excellent sports results

What does distinguish our products?

  • they are produced only from ingredients of natural origin with food quality,
  • they contain blends of digestive enzymes, clearly enhancing food assimilation by animals,
  • they contain high quality animal proteins (preparations for pet animals), which undergo a hydrolysis process,
  • they are easily digestive and attractive in terms of taste. 

Our preparations are recommended for animals:

  • hypersensitive with food allergies and digestive disorders or diseases of digestive tract diseases,
  • emaciated or during convalescence,
  • after surgeries, during chemotherapy or after accidents,
  • hard working dogs (defence dogs, hunting dogs, sled dogs),
  • requiring rebuilding of muscle mass,
  • with chronic diseases of liver, kidneys, pancreas, heart function disorders and neoplasms,
  • hyperexcitable.

Preparations of the Vetfood Professional brand allow:

  • individual dietary support of animals,
  • preparing a diet with a higher energy value while simultaneously decreasing a volume of provided food,
  • preparing a diet for animals with digestive disorders and food malabsorption,
  • preparing an easily digestible diet for animals after surgeries on digestive system, with a nutritive value adjusted to a patient condition,
  • preparing an elimination diet with decreased allergenic properties for animals with an allergy or food intolerance. 

It is worth considering: with our preparations You do care about a health and condition of your patients and those entrusted to care!

Please, see our offer for more details! Vetfood brand – with passion and love for Animals!