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Proamyl is a protein supplement for dogs and cats, which is a source of high quality of hydrolysed poultry protein (88% of full value protein), pancreatic enzymes, Omega-3 fatty acids, inulin – prebiotic and beta-glucan. The product is intended for feeding emaciated animals.
Hydrolysed protein contained in the product provides a highly absorbable set of amino acids that support the growth of muscle mass and regeneration of the whole organism. The content of digestive enzymes: protease, lipase, amylase facilitates digestion and absorption of three nutrients (proteins, fats and carbohydrates), which allows more effective use of biologically active ingredients contained in the diet by the body. The addition of Omega-3 acids regulates inflammatory processes, prevents from emaciation and affects the healthy appearance of the coat. The addition of inulin, which is a source of oligosaccharides, is a nutrient medium for a beneficial gastrointestinal microflora. The development of normal microflora promotes the stabilization of the colon, improving the consistency of faeces. In addition, it reduces the excretion of undigested nutrients and the production of unpleasant gases. Proamyl also contains Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast extract standardized for beta-1,3/1,6-glucan content – 70%. Beta-glucan has unique properties that stimulate the body's immunity, which is extremely important during convalescence and general weakening of the body.


  • cachexia,
  • protein-related enteropathy,
  • hypoalbuminemia,
  • convalescence period,
  • malabsorption syndrome,
  • allergy and food intolerance.

Active ingredients:

  1 flat scoop (20 g)
Hydrolysed poultry protein  19,1 g
Inulin 320 mg 
Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast extract* 300 mg
Powdered fish oil (Omega-3) 240 mg
Lipase 1550 U
Amylase 1280 U
Protease 95 U

* – standardized for β-1,3/1,6-glucan content – 70%

Recommended dosage:

This is a powder preparation which should sprinkle on pet’s food.
It is recommended to administer daily (depending on the body weight of
the animal) the following amounts:
< 10 kg – 1 measuring scoop (20 g)
10-25 kg – 2 measuring scoops (40 g)
> 25 kg – 3 measuring scoops (60 g)


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