Osteoarthristop is a preparation intended for pet animals with joint problems.

These problems may occur due to the disturbances of the metabolism of the articular cartilage in growing pet animals when it comes to the impairments of the proper development of the cartilage, as well as changes in older dogs, especially of large breeds which are commonly known under a name of osteoarthritis. A very important group of patients in which a required element of the therapy is osteoarthritis are joint injuries, cartilage damages, degeneration of cartilages.

 The Osteoarthristop preparation comprises in its composition substances of the natural origin: glucosamine (from crustacean) – 300 mg in a capsule and chondroitin (from shark cartilage) – 90 mg in a capsule which are the fundamental components of articular cartilage and have determined positive influence in patients with joint problems. They make up a so called glycosaminoglycans – natural substances which build intracellular substance (so called matrix) of the cartilage which is responsible for its mechanical properties – elasticity, flexibility, ability to carry loads. The preparation contains also chicken protein hydrolysate which consists of the sulphur amino acids which are essential to produce collagen which is a basic organic ingredient of the articular cartilages. Furthermore, it was introduced vitamin C and manganese supporting a synthesis of collagen.


• diseases of the motor system,
• disturbances in motor skills caused by impairment of
the joint function,
• a period of growth and development of articular cartilage,
in particular in dogs of big and large breeds,
• joint injuries, cartilage damages, degeneration of
• tracheal collapse in dogs,
• problems with temporomandibular joint in guinea

Dietary additives:

  1 capsule 1 kg
Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) 25 mg 25 g
Manganese (amino acid chelate) 1,5 mg 1,5 g

Technological additives: anti-caking agent - magnesium stearate.

Recommended dosage:

It is recommended to administer a preparation during a meal in the daily
Small animals up to 10 kg of body weight – 1 capsule
10 – 25 kg of body weight – 2 capsules
above 25 kg of body weight – 3 capsules
In the case of any difficulties with the oral administration of the capsule, it
is recommended to open the capsule and mix the contents

Analytical ingredients:

crude protein 45%, crude fibre 0.1%, crude fat 1%, crude ash 20%, moisture
max. 8%.

Ingredients: hydrolysed chicken protein, shell (gelatine, colouring agent: titanium dioxide), glucosamine
sulphate (30%), (from aquatic organisms), chondroitin sulphate (9%).


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