30, 60 caps
The product is intended for: Fretki Koty Psy

Amylactive Balance is a preparation indicated for the pet animals (dogs, cats, ferrets) with digestive disorders.

Amylactiv Balance is a product containing in its composition three digestive enzymes: lipase, amylase, bromelain and inulin – prebiotic, which promotes activity of good intestine microflora. Thanks to the optimal combination of these ingredients, the product efficiently helps the digestive tract, especially digestion and absorption of nutrients (protein, fats, carbohydrates). The stabilization of the digestion process promotes the fast regeneration of intestinal villi and the overall health of the animal. The product is in the form of openable capsules, and the content of the capsules, thanks to the technology of microencapsulation, will not be deactivated in the acid pH of the stomach. The portion of enzymes included in the product is recommended for small animals. For bigger animals with digestive disorders, we recommend Amylactiv Digest.


• digestive disorders,

• appetite and extraction disorders,

• exocrine pancreatic insufficiency,

• chronic diseases of gastrointestinal tract with diarrhoeas resistant to the treatment.

Activ ingredients:

  1 capsule 
Lipase  2 150 units Ph. Eur. 
Amylase  1 615 units Ph. Eur. 
Bromelain  120 units Ph. Eur. 
Inulin 22,5 mg



Recommended dosage:

It is recommended to administer a preparation during a meal in the daily dosage:

Small animals up to 10 kg of body weight – 1 capsule

10 – 25 kg of body weight – 2 capsules

above 25 kg of body weight – 3 capsules

In the case of any difficulties with the oral administration of the capsule, it is recommended to spill out its content and mixture with food. It is particularly recommended for cats and small dogs.

Thanks a technology of the microencapsulation of enzymes they will be deactivated in the acid pH of the stomach.


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