Flex Mobil

Flex Mobil

Package: 1500g
The product is intended for: Konie hodowla Konie rekreacja konie skoki Konie Ujeżdzane Konie wyścigi Konie zaprzęgi
An alternative for the joint injections with hyaluronic acid.
A strongly condensed preparation, comprises the maximum recommended dosage of hyaluronic acid (600mg/Kg), glucosamine and chondroitin – the key elements in the process of joints regeneration. An action of these key elements is supported by the best source of sulphur - MSM. Thanks to this nutritive bio ingredient, besides articular cartilage restoration, are also regenerated ligaments, tendons and bones. Soya proteins prevent from a degeneration of the articular cartilage and stimulate cells to produce an intercellular substance. Unique proportions of the ingredients (6g of glucosamine + 6g of chondroitin + 6g MSM in a serving) ensure an effective and long-lasting action, what guarantees maintaining a motion system in the best condition for many years.


  • Articular cartilage damages,
  • Weakened ligaments, tendons, bones


Hyaluronic acid   600 mg/Kg

Recommended dosage:

Horses 500Kg: 2 measures (50g) administered with a horse feed. In the case of serious problems with joints it is recommended to double a dosage during the first week of appyling (4 measures = 100g), and then continue 2 measures (50g) daily to the end of the therapy.

Ponies and foals: 1 measure (25g) daily, other as specified above.

Other horses: according to the body weight.

Supply for 1 month.

Please consult your veterinarian before use.

Composition: apple powder, minced carrot, glucosamine sulphate (12%) (from aquatic animals), chondroitin sulphate (12%), soya protein isolate, MSM.

Analytical ingredients:

Crude fat 0.1%; Crude protein 23%; Crude fibre 6.8%; Crude ash 0.5%; Humidity 8%; Sodium 2%; Sulphur 4%.