Muscle Up

Muscle Up

Package: 16g x 30szt.=480 g
The product is intended for: konie skoki Konie Ujeżdzane Konie wyścigi Konie zaprzęgi
A product developed with horses under a higher physical exertion in mind, intended especially for sports and race horses and those trained for the sports horse races in order to support building a muscle mass.
Whey proteins (exceptionally rich in Branched-Chain Amino Acids (BCAA), constitute about 35% of the essential amino acids which build muscles) and a plant extract from Tribulus terrestris (with a high content of steroid saponins) which contribute to a growth and maintaining of the muscle mass. Dibencozide is refreshing for the tired horse organism, and an addition of creatine supports regeneration of the micro-injuries developed in the muscles after the exertion.


  • Return to the training
  • Lack of muscles
  • Emaciation

Dietary ingredients:

Iron (sulphate) 1800 mg/Kg
Zinc (sulphate) 1280 mg/Kg
Copper (sulphate) 120 mg/Kg
Manganese (sulphate) 250 mg/Kg      
Selenium (sodium selenite) 7 mg/Kg
Chromium (chloride) 5 mg/Kg
Molybdenum (potassium molybdate)               6 mg/Kg
Iodine (potassium iodide)  19 mg/Kg
Vitamin B12 coenzyme (dibencozide) 1.24 mg/Kg
Creatine 312 g/Kg
Tribulus terrestris extract 60% 62.4 g/Kg
in that saponins 37.4 g/Kg

Analytical ingredients: Crude fat 0.1%; Crude protein 63%; Crude fibre 7.6%; Crude ash 9%; Humidity 8%.

Composition: magnesium carbonate, carrot, whey protein concentrate.


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